“Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni.” -Narayan Murthy

SARC was established to convey and harness the connection of the alumni with the institute. It is a student run body and a crucial part of the Dean Alumni and Corporate Relations (Dean ACR) Office, whose exclusive focus is on endorsing stronger ties between the students and alumni. SARC has launched a number of initiatives that have served as a shared forum for networking and engagement between students and alumni.

Frequently Asked Questions

Events: SARC executes alumni-driven initiatives for the benefit of students and the institute. It assists the Alumni Association (AA), the Development and Relations Foundation, and the Dean ACR’s office in organising various office driven initiatives.

Dean ACR’s Newsletter: The Knowledge Tree is Dean ACR’s monthly newsletter. Composed by SARC, it is a briefing of all the happenings at IIT Bombay. The newsletter is read by over 90,000+ alumni, students and faculty.

Mentorship Programmes: Students in the institute aspire to be like their alumni who have studied here in the past. One of the most important initiatives of SARC involves programs wherein alumni mentor students regarding a variety of facets of IIT Bombay. The two major programs that SARC organises to help students gain access to invaluable mentorship are ASMP and PMP.

HATS: Hostel Alumni Team Stewardship is an alumni-driven project that channels alumni enthusiasm for their hostels. Hostel 7 established "In Service of the Lady" in 2006, and Hostel 4 HATS followed in 2009. Over the years, HATS has developed a similar campaign for all hostels.

Alumni Reunion: A lot of alumni come back to the Institute to relive their ‘insti life’ and enjoy it. With the air filled with nostalgia, laughter and reminiscence, the reunions are one of the most awaited events among alumni. SARC organises these silver, golden and decadal reunions of the alumni batches in collaboration with the IITBAA.

The centralised website is a one-stop solution to register for all events and initiatives SARC organises. Once your SARC ID is created, you won’t need to fill in your details repeatedly. Logging into the centralised website and signing into the event will lead to your registration.

Registration can be done on Register by filling in your personal details.

Once your registration is complete:

  1. You will be eligible to register for the events the SARC organises.
  2. You will stay informed about the opportunities that SARC offers.
  3. Become a part of the integrated and united ecosystem of alumni and students.

1. Click on the menu tab at the top right corner.
2. A list of options will appear; click on register.
3. In the signup option, enter all your details (use your roll number to log in)
4. After entering all the details, click on register.
5. You will receive the password on your webmail. It may take 2-3 minutes to get the password, be patient, and do not register multiple times.
6. When you enter the roll number and password to log in
7. When you log in to the website again, you just need to log in and enter your roll number and the password to log in.

Recent Events

Industrial Learning Program

Winter internships and projects curated for you by our alumni!

Core Talks

Core Talks 2022 provide an excellent opportunity to explore your respective departments' core domains. Our very own alumni will help you gain perspective and better insights into what your department has to offer!

Alumni Student Mentorship Program

If you dream of forging a year-long relationship with an alumnus, this is your chance! An amalgamation of two opposite ends, a professional mentor-mentee relationship and a friend for posterity. This program helps you break the temporary ice at the start of a professional tenure.

Placement Mentoring Program

The Placement Mentoring Program seeks to provide mentorship to final-year students in a variety of core and non-core sectors such as finance, analytics, consulting, IT/Software, and so on, in order to help them with their placement process from recently graduated batches who have gone through the similar placement procedure.


A telephonic marathon to establish a timeless connection with the alums, a call to connect with the past. This 10-day competition came to light when SARC suggested a way to communicate with an alumnus who is not available in person. The call could be with an ISRO space scientist or a former engineer, now-turned comedian. If you get lucky, it might be even with the Twitter CEO!

Nail the Prep

A strategised event wherein the alumni will pose as recruiters to provide real-time intellectual feedback, which will help our third-year students secure their desired internships. The alumni will leave no stone unturned to prepare anxious students for this strenuous interview process.


What would be left of the unending talks, the endless lukha sessions, the best days of your life but fuzzy memories? SARC offers The Institute Yearbook 2022 to immortalise the endless memories we all have for all of our friends, the bodies and activities you have been a part of, and life at the Institute!

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